Used Kyocera Copiers

kyocera mita copierImpact Technology has a national base of copier dealers that purchase used Kyocera copiers at wholesale prices from our large inventory. Of course many of our dealerships also sell us their older Kyocera copy machines and we export those to our foreign customers. Extending the life of technology and re-using our natural resources is a very important facet of our company mission. Kyocera has some equivalent brands that they purchased and/or manufacture. Copy Star copiers are manufactured by Kyocera and once in a while we see an older Mita copier- which Kyocera replaced with their own brand. Yet sometimes our dealers still refer to used Kyocera photocopiers as “Kyocera-Mita” or “Kyocera-Copy Star.” Either way we know what they mean and are happy to exchange inventory with our copier dealers.

Kyocera TASKalfa Copiers

Since 2009, Kyocera has referred to their lineup of multi-function copier-printer-scanners as “TASKalfa” devices. This is their cliché brand term to describe productivity and ease of use. Prior to 2009 Kyocera copiers were just referred to as “Kyocera Mita.” The Kyocera copier lineup also has the ECOSYS models which are not very popular in our secondary markets. Impact Technology has listed (below) the most popular models of Kyocera used copiers that we both buy and sell to our domestic and foreign copier dealerships.

Wide Format: Kyocera TASKalfa 2420, Kyocera KM-4800W, Kyocera TASKalfa 4820W
25-45 PPM Kyocera KM-2540, KM-2550, KM-2560, Kyocera 250ci, Kyocera TASKalfa 255, KM-3035, KM-3040, KM-3050, KM-3060, TASKalfa 300i, TASKalfa 305, TASKalfa 3010i, TASKalfa 3050ci, TASKalfa 3051ci, TASKalfa 306ci, TASKalfa 3500i, TASKalfa 3501i, TASKalfa 3510i, TASKalfa 3510i, TASKalfa 3550ci, TASKalfa 3551ci, TASKalfa 356ci, KM-4030, KM-4035, KM-4050, TASKalfa 406ci, TASKalfa 420i, KM-4530, TASKalfa 4500i, TASKalfa 4501i, TASKalfa 4550ci and TASKalfa 4551ci
45+ Pages Kyocera-Mita KM-5035, KM-5050, KM-5530, TASKalfa 550c, TASKalfa 552ci, TASKalfa 5500i, TASKalfa 5501i, TASKalfa 5550ci,TASKalfa 5551ci, KM-6030, TASKalfa 620, KM-6330, TASKalfa 650c, TASKalfa 6500i, TASKalfa 6501i, TASKalfa 6550ci, TASKalfa 6551ci, KM-7530, TASKalfa 750c, TASKalfa 7551ci, KM-8030. TASKalfa 8000i, TASKalfa 8001i, TASKalfa 820 and KM-8530