Wholesale Copier Buying & Selling

Impact Technology extends the life cycle of over 2,000 refurbished copiers every month. We buy and sell copiers from and to dealers, leasing companies and businesses across the United States and re-purpose them for domestic and foreign use.

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation company for used copiers, providing off-lease pickups & wholesale deliveries.

We also operate as a return center for off-lease office equipment. Impact Technology makes it possible to work with a single company from the beginning dispatch through final delivery.


We buy your used or off lease copiers, re-manufacture them, and re-sell them, with a focus on maximizing ROI. Over the past decade more than 90% of our used copiers were sold within 90 days.

Data Destruction

Data destruction is a technology-driven procedure that seeks to completely destroy all electronic data on the equipment’s hard disk drive.


Maximize the raw materials of your used copier.

The ultimate goal of our Green Initiative is to re-use or re-purpose 100% of the used copier, computer, printer and its related equipment or accessories.


Voluntary and involuntary repossession logistics on a national level.

Impact provides everything from pre-calls to on-site de-installation and after market sales, always keeping your ROI at the forefront of our mission.

Reverse Logistics

When office equipment reaches its end-of-lease or end-of-term it needs go somewhere.

Impact has the expertise to safely de-install and transport equipment around the country.

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