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Copier data destruction — one of Impact Technology’s core services — is a technology-driven procedure that seeks to completely destroy all electronic data on the equipment’s hard disk drive.

Virtually all copiers and office machines manufactured in the last ten years contain data storage capabilities that enable these devices to retain information of any documents that were printed or copied on it. This data is saved in the system memory even after the copier has been unplugged.

Standard deletion methods leave room for risks of data breach which can lead to issues such as identity theft or failure to reach regulatory compliance.

Impact Technology offer two data destruction options:

Level 1: Erase the copier hard drive using system software.  This method does not completely delete the information nor does it remove from the equipment’s storage. However, it will make it more difficult for someone to retrieve the data stored in the equipment.

Level 2: Erase the hard drive using external software. This data destruction method meets the Department of Defense (DOD) standards. It is highly recommended if the equipment contains sensitive data such as medical records, IRS/tax information, or social security/credit card information.

Once the data is destroyed, we will send you a certified verification and data destruction log for your records.

“When we buy used copiers, we guarantee your data will be destroyed before the machine is resold.”

Federal and state laws require health care facilities, financial institutions as well as education and government agencies to provide proof that proper methods were used for copier data destruction. While many businesses take into account the safe destruction of computer hard drives most of them forget about the data stored on their copier. When Impact Technology purchases or recycles your copier you can request our data destruction service.

How It Works

Nearly every digital copier or printer contains one or two hard drives, with the main purpose of storing data. When purchased, recycled or off-lease copiers arrive at Impact Technology we have technicians on staff that can provide copier data destruction.Upon request, our authorized technicians will power up the copier and verify its configuration and settings– finding out where the hard drives are located. The hard drive(s) will then be taken out of the copy machine and reformatted from 3-7 times. At this time your data is purged and forensic software will be unable to detect it.

Data Destruction Service Fee Structure

1 – $350/ea  |  2 – $300/ea  |  3 – $250/ea  |  4 – $200/ea  |  5 – $170/ea  |  6-19 $150/ea  |  20-39 $100/ea  |  40-69 $75/ea  |  70-99  $50/ea  |  100+ $25/ea

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