Used Copier Logistics

Copier Dealers

Impact Technology is the absolute best choice to transport off lease copiers for one simple reason- we are also the designated return center for the leasing companies. That’s right, now you can work with a single company from the beginning dispatch through final delivery. In doing so we can improve your copier dealerships bottom line by eliminating freight claims at the same time providing extremely competitive pricing. You no longer must waste time getting multiple bids or worry about trucks showing up and end-of-lease late fees. Your copiers won’t get damaged moving from terminal to terminal- they stay on our truck route the entire time; padded blankets, safely strapped to our E-Trac sidewalls until they arrive at Impact Technology!

Our fleet of 52 Ft. 18-wheel air ride trailers and 24-28 air ride box trucks are equipped with lift gates and double decking materials. These trucks were purchased and designed for one thing- to transport copiers. Regardless if your copier dealership returns 5 or 100, Impact Technology provides the best copier logistics program for you. Our trucks have designated daily, weekly and monthly routes with copier dealerships throughout the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming. No more damaged copiers and No More Freight Claims!

“We Do Copiers”

Leasing Companies

We Do Copiers! That is our slogan that we put on all our logistic vehicles. By using our own internal team of logistic personnel, dispatchers and CDL drivers our goal is to improve the quality and experience of copier transportation. We return over 2500 copiers per month to our office locations in Long Prairie, Minnesota and Dallas, Texas. When working with leasing companies Impact Technology is often listed on return instruction letters as a preferred transportation service provider.  As an extension of your team we not only provide a tightly integrated and positive logistic experience for your customer, but we also remarket the assets that are returned to our warehouses. When you add referral fees and non-equipment revenue to the proceeds from the best copier remarketer on the planet you will understand why all major United States and International leasing partners work with Impact Technology. We will improve your ROI and booked residual values- guaranteed. So give our logistics team a call 866.848.4900!