Copier Dealers

Impact Technology is a wholesale distributor of used copiers. This simply means we buy and sell used photocopiers at wholesale values to copier dealers, leasing partners and enterprise businesses. If you are a looking for some specific black and white or color copiers to put out in the field, take a look at our extensive inventory of copier machines. We normally carry approximately 6,000 copiers in stock at all times, including all the top models in every brand.

Low Meter Used Copiers 

Do you have a sales opportunity that requires a copier with a lower meter? We call these our STAR copiers since we have locations in both Minnesota and Texas. Our northern location is known as the North Star state and our southern location is referred to as the Lone Star state. It’s a little internal humor but we are very fond of our star copiers and we promise you will be too. Copier dealers from around the country have found that our low meter copiers are just as reliable as a new device.

Sell Us Your Copier Inventory

Impact Technology receives over 2000 copiers each month and a good portion of these come from copier dealers. We have several buyers that work on trading our hard earned cash for your used copier inventory. It is a win-win proposition as we keep your warehouses clean and you get to increase cash flow. While our focus is on the bigger black and white copiers we purchase all makes and models.

Two Corporate Locations

With two locations and eight warehouses, Impact Technology has over 100,000 square feet of space designed specifically to remarket used copiers. Our corporate office in Long Prairie, Minnesota was built in 2002 in the industrial park just a few blocks from the high school. In 2011 we purchased a second location in Texas that was a strategically chosen to serve our southern copier dealers. Upon request we transfer our copier inventory between both properties bi-weekly at very affordable rates.

Data Destruction

When we buy used copiers, we guarantee your data will be destroyed before the machine is resold.

Our U. S. Department of Defense approved data security process costs as low as $100 per copier (reduced fees for larger volumes) and is also HIPPA compliant. 

Once the data is destroyed, we will send you a data destruction log for your records. You can sell copiers to us with confidence and at the same time get cash back while knowing we recycled 100% of this resource!

Copier Recycling

Our Green Initiative focuses on selecting the best way to re-purpose used copiers, computers, printers and related equipment.

Transportation Services

We provide off-lease pickups & wholesale deliveries.

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