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Used Copier Shipping

So you’ve leased a copier and now the term has ended and it’s your responsibility to ship the copier back to the used copier partner’s designated location.

For many businesses this is a new or uncommon request and falls into the category of “What do I do now?”

Below are 5 of the most common questions we get asked about shipping a copier. We’ve also included a few pro tips along the way.

While there are dedicated logistics companies out there that specialize in shipping copier machines most are unheard of. Often you will be given a shipping company to call by the leasing company. Be careful– as this will most likely be your most expensive option.

Pro Tip: Google the phrase “Shipping a Copier” and you should get several good options to start your search.

There are many variables when it comes to finding out the exact cost to ship your copier, but the two most obvious and important issues are: its weight and dimensions, and how far you’re shipping it.

Pro Tip: Most shipping carriers charge between $300 – $1200 for a single copier; however if you are shipping multiple machines, Impact Technology can get your cost well below these rates…sometimes as low as $100 per copier.

This comes down to personal preference, but I would recommend buying insurance if you are unfamiliar with the shipping company. Impact Technology includes insurance in your quoted shipping rate.

Pro Tip: Sometimes your standard business insurance will cover your copier as well, so check with your insurance agent first.

Make sure your copier has been de-installed by a copier dealer. Many times they will need to remove displays and finishers before wrapping the copier with stretch wrap and adding cardboard corners to protect the edges of the copier.

Pro Tip: A very common shipping method is to blanket-wrap the copier and then strap it to the sidewalls of an air ride trailer. In this case you do not have to do anything to prepare the copier for shipping.

What can I do to get a lower shipping cost?

Pro Tip: The average business copier weighs 300 lbs. or more, so try to avoid having your copier near steps. Shipping companies will charge a premium if there are steps involved and/or you do not have a shipping dock.

Impact Technology is a premier return center for off-lease office equipment as well as a transportation company for the respective equipment coming back to our warehouse. Because we have this dual purpose, we completely insure your copier once our driver places it in his/her trailer. We like to call this our “peace-of-mind” offering. At the end of the day, our competitive pricing includes a hassle-free experience that we believe will take some pressure off your shoulders. We look forward to working with you!

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