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Recycle Your Used Copier

Impact Technology provides copier recycling services which align with our corporate mission to extend the life of your used photocopier.

As global warming and the environmental impact of our daily practices comes more to the forefront, we begin to look for new ways to decrease our carbon footprint on the Earth. Business both large and small, are major contributing factors in the decline of our ecosystems.

“Impacting our world by refreshing technology.”

Our ultimate goal is to select the best way to re-purpose used copiers, computers, printers and related equipment.

While most of our inventory gets purchased or re-marketed on a consignment basis, some equipment has reached the point of no value when we receive it.  When this happens, we shift our focus toward maximizing the raw materials.

Our copier recycling services include reusing
100% of the copy machine and its accessories.

Impact Tecnology’s Green Initiative

E-waste is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. waste stream– increasing by 8% each year– that’s why it’s extremely important to keep copiers out of our landfills.

Statistics show that approximately 75% of copiers are not recycled in an environmentally safe manner, leaving dangerous toxins and chemicals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and selenium to enter our water supply and endanger our environment.

Impact Technology’s policies, methods and processes all support a Green Initiative!

Did you know...

if all copiers sold in the United States were set to automatically default to duplex mode that it would save enough paper to protect an estimated
20 million trees?

Copier Recycling & Our Environment

As business partners we can work together and make a difference. Copier recycling can have a positive impact on our environment.

Imagine if just one-half of the 4 million copiers in the U.S. were re-purposed to enhance their value by using environmentally safe methods, what the benefits would be.

Impact Technology re-markets and/or recycles over 2,000 copiers every month. And we’re always looking for additional companies to work with.

Environmental Safety Through Partnerships

Copier equipment contains hazardous materials which require proper treatment upon disposal.

Impact Technology partners with state-of-the art recycling facilities that provide environmentally-sound disposal of obsolete or inoperative equipment.

Every unit’s recycling process is the same:

Follows EPA guidelines

Approved by the local state Departments of Environmental Protection

Facilities monitored by Impact Technology team through the use of  downstream audits and accountability

By working with third-party experts in equipment recycling and the disposal of electronic waste, we can ensure that we’re in accordance with current legislation in both the U.S. and Canada.

As stress on our environment continues, the responsibility falls of both individuals and organizations to adopt sustainable practices that not simply halt but help reverse the negative impact we have placed on our planet.

Sustainable practices will create and maintain conditions in which humans and nature can coexist
in harmony while maintaining healthy social, economical, and cultural conditions.

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